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Now that the 16 day government shut down is over, we enter a busy week of economic data and earnings. How can we expect the markets to react to the upcoming news?


After the debacle of the Facebook IPO last year, it seemed unlikely that the other social media networks would follow in their footstep. However, with the recent uptick in Facebook’s share price, an opportunity seemed to finally have presented itself for a possible fair market evaluation of social networks. So, Twitter has finally announced its plans to go public and, even though the filing is confidential, a frenzy has already erupted over the value of the social network. Now, onto question on everyone’s mind, how much is Twitter really worth?


A generation ago, America had a thriving middle class, where millions of American could firmly plant themselves if they worked hard. It was attainable to purchase a home, cars and even enroll your children in college. Those days had seemed to disappear, of late, with this fear of a disappearing middle class. However, there is still hope for a new face for the American middle class?


So often in today’s world we are focused on big innovators like the inventor of 3-D printing or companies making huge strides in the robotics and artificial intelligence industries. People forget to look for the small innovators, those creating novel business methods designed to make our lives more efficient or satisfy a niche. Innovators who started small, like Starbucks, which has become the largest coffee empire in the United States. So, how does one find the next small innovator before they become a power house?


Investors are certainly following the latest Wall Street drama unfold in Washington D.C. The looming threat of a possible government shut down may make some investors want to sit on their hands during these negotiations. Is this the wisest move?


The next time you decide to purchase a new stock consider that buying stock is just like negotiating any good deal. The only major difference is you’re not sitting in front of the person you’re negotiating with so you have to let your trading technology do the talking for you. Let’s assume you’re using an online trading platform, like Scottrade or Think or Swim. Now that we are all using the same platform, how can you use basic negotiation tactics to get the best price on your investment?


So often, when we think about our investments, we consider what we are buying and what we are selling, but do we ever consider what we SHOULD have bought? It was Warren Buffett who said, the investor of today can’t profit from yesterday’s gains, but, maybe we can learn something from the opportunities we miss.

11 Aug

Go Long

We’ve said the term “go long,” for years when referring to sports, but not often enough are people reminded of the importance of going long in other parts of their lives. Life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon, and our investment strategy should be viewed the same way. Over the long run investing in stocks is one of the most effective ways to build and maintain wealth. But how can we reduce our risk? GO LONG!