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Lustros Ltd.

Lustros Ltd. (Ticker - LSTS) is a US publicly traded company that owns 80% of the outstanding shares of Bluestone SA. Bluestone SA is a Chilean private company that is involved in the manufacturing of copper sulfate and copper mining through its subsidiary Sulfatos Chile. The company also has another subsidiary Mineraltus SA (80% ownership) that specializes in extracting copper from tailings dumps. Chile has some 800+ closed mines that present a very substantial opportunity to grow the company.


Gepco (GEPC) is a publicly traded holding company, that acquires and fosters emerging undervalued opportunities in order to create maximize value to our shareholders. We subscribe to the principle of value investing, seeking out undervalued or fairly valued companies with appealing characteristics. These characteristics include positive key statistics, the ability to create long term value and a concrete concept. While all of these characteristics are not required, a solid management team with a great track record is paramount for our investmentĀ consideration.