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Premium Services


Risk is the largest factor when it comes to investing. That is why Small Cap Resource has gone to such great lengths to manage and reduce it. Signing up for our premium service allows you to take advantage of our research and increase your chance of capital gains.
Each of our Premium Services clients receives a dedicated account executive and tailor made investment strategy. Your account executive:

  • Reviews your portfolio
  • Monitors your position
  • Contacts you with important developments
  • Recommends blue chip and small cap stocks  

While our account executives deliver exceptional stock picks, they are not brokers. They do not control your funds, make trades for you or participate in any investment decision making. The largest benefit to this is that our account executives do not make commission on any of your trades. If you need an online broker, please visit our choosing a brokers page.
Our account executives utilize our research to presents a menu of stocks with varying levels of potential. Our approach of presenting both long and short shock pick allow us to always deliver wise investment opportunities for all types of investors. This allows our clients to reach their investment goals without having to lose control of their assets.

How do we determine which stocks to recommend?

Each week our research team carefully culls through thousands of stocks in continuous pursuit of a few meaningful situations. The reports we publish are detail rich and frequently updated as new information becomes available. Each recommendation our firm makes includes:

  • A detailed analysis of what to buy or sell
  • Specific entry and exit prices
  • Continuous updates on each position until the position is closed

We use this research to create our publications which consist of detailed stock picks, upgrade / hold / sell alerts, and many other miscellaneous reports including industry outlook reports, and market overview reports. The goal of each publication is to provide you with professional caliber investment research so you can make an informed investment decisions. Our premium clients don’t just receive these reports; their account executive follows up with a phone call. This personal touch is what sets our service apart.  Interested in utilizing our premium services? Sign up for a free trial of our newsletter and an account executive will call you shortly.